What's in A Premier Timepiece?

Horology has been one of the most influential sciences in our history. With centuries of study to draw from, let us share with you the most critical factors in choosing your timepiece.

1)    Case Material

Regardless if your timepiece is the final touch to your date-night ensemble, or you rely upon it as your daily wearer, the material is it cast in will define its ruggedness. Cheaper materials exist, but give the timepiece a light, plastic feel.  Axel timepieces are crafted from 316L stainless steel, for your confidence in the harshest of environments.

2)    Movement

Time heals, time forgives and time moves us forward. Axel trusts the well-established performance of the Japanese Miyota movements to power your timepieces.

3)    Lens

If you find yourself staring into the dial of your timepiece often, you're not alone. Each beat of the Ax on the hilt of the Second hand draws the eyes and disarms the viewer. A proper view is required. Axel ensures this view by using synthetic Sapphire Glass, known for its hardness (second only to diamond) and resistance to scratches and cracks.

4)    Band

Not to be outshone, the band on your timepiece projects your style and image as well. By alternating between buttery leather bands and sleek, modern metal mesh bands, you've opened up near limitless possibilities for every occasion. "Fast-Change" pins are used for quick and easy band replacement.

5)    Colour Style

Perhaps the most personal element on this list, your timepiece colour accents tell a story about who you are. What resonates with you? Is it the stoic matte black of the Ghost? The irresistible allure of the blue and gold Alpha? Your creativity and personality flow through your accessories, we trust you will enjoy every moment. Axel timepieces are designed in conjunction with our clients' wishes, but if you have not found the colour combination you desire, contact us to create a custom timepiece. Wedding/Bachelor gifts, birthday gifts, retirement parties etc. are all fabulous opportunities to gift someone special a truly unique token of your love/appreciation. 

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