The Army

Camaraderie. Belonging to something greater than one-self. Each member of an army represents an important cog in a well-oiled machine. They are relied upon to be leaders, and therefore held to a higher standard. It is to have brothers and sisters. Axel became established by engaging with our Army. We have a highly dynamic relationship with our clients which begins with your feedback, our implementation in the design phase and tremendous post-care support.

We understand the modern human needn’t wear a watch to tell the time. In a world where we are constantly consuming technology, many feel like technology is consuming us. It is an unpleasant experience to have to charge your watch. Your timepiece is on a short list of potential accessories and as such, an extension of your personality. Some watches tell the time, Axel timepieces tell a story.

Designed in Toronto, Canada, Axel draws its inspiration from the melting pot of culture and style of what we affectionately refer to as "The City". Tall, sleek skyscrapers highlighted by the C.N. Tower set the scene for arguably the world’s best skyline as dazzling bright lights give off an energy which is only felt in a world-class city. Proudly Canadian, Axel has humble beginnings as a self-funded, independent company with dreams of providing you with premier timepieces embodying your boldness, assertiveness and style.

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